Friday, 10 December 2010

Corregidor Island: Adventour Challenge (Cavite)

Emerging from a Japanese tunnel
The Corregidor Adventour (the word is a hybrid of the words “adventure” and “tour”) Challenge, an Amazing Race-like challenge, is the latest effort of Sun Cruises, Inc. (SCI) in promoting Corregidor Island, aside from its being a historical treasure for history buffs, as a nature and adventure destination for adventure lovers.
Solving letter equations
Participants who join are first briefed on the rules of the challenge then are grouped into teams.  They then donned Adventour T-shirts and are provided with flashlights and a survival kit consisting of oatmeal cookies and bottled water.  

Just like the Amazing Race, the Adventour Challenge is a race against time and participants have to tackle obstacles that require mental and as well as physical exertion as they hike trough sites that are, more often than not, not part of the regular tour.  
At Battery Way, they have to search for a bamboo containers that store pieces of a map giving directions to theirnext destination and challenge.  Without going to much detail, they next have to duck walk along a dark, gecko-inhabited Japanese tunnel (exiting via a ladder); solve letter equations at the Hospital Ruins, figure out counting squares puzzles at the Spanish Lighthouse, and engage in games of trust (a blindfolded team member is guided through an obstacle course by the others), all in the quest to other pieces of our map (also stored in bamboo containers) as well as directions to their next challenge.
The last and most difficult challenge, held at the Parade Grounds, involved rolling a plastic ball, along a railing of two short bamboo poles, to a basket located some distance away at the sunken field.   This isn’t easy as it seemed as it required great composure, very steady hands and you could only guide or stop the ball with a bamboo stick (touching wasn’t allowed) and if the ball fell, they have to go back to the starting point and do the challenge all over again.  The first team to finish wins.

The Adventour Challenge is an ideal team building activity, testing our ingenuity, powers of observation, planning skills and ability to manage time, resources, endurance and stamina.  

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