Monday, 15 June 2015

Airline Review: SkyJet Airlines - Flying the Boutique Way

The 80-seater, 4-engine British Aerospace 146-100 jet 

Coron, in Palawan, has always been a dream destination of mine and this discerning traveler’s second journey there was made more memorable as me and our media team  flew there with the utmost convenience, comfort, and style, on board SkyJet Airlines’ 80-seater, 4-engine British Aerospace 146-100 jet. 

This is the same VIP jet aircraft used by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and the rest of the British royal family.
The four Avco Lycoming ALF 502 turbofan engines fixed on pylons underneath the high wing

Magnum Air (SkyJet), Inc., operating as SkyJet Airlines, is the country’s first boutique leisure airline.  

In December 2012, it started its operations as an air charter company, launching, for its initial operation, charter flights to serve the growing number of group travelers and tourists to Basco in Batanes province, the only airline, at that time, flying the under served, missionary route to this far-northern area of the Philippines.  It started regular commercial flights on December 14, 2012. 
All aboard..... (photo: Ms. Lindy E. Pelicer)
Landfall at Francisco Reyes Airport in Coron
After a few months, this airline also launched its inaugural flights to the exotic island dream destinations of Coron (Palawan), Virac (Catanduanes) and Boracay (Aklan). 

In 2013, it also served charter flights to Balesin Island, an exclusive high-end and first-class resort in Quezon province. This full service airline is owned and managed by Dino Reyes Chua. 
The spacious cabin

Ms. Cheena Liao Pe - PR and Events
Officer of SkyJet Airlines
Our media group consisted of yours truly (blogging as well as writing for the Business Mirror), bloggers Ma. Joy Calipes-Felizardo ( and Ms. Aylin Vedad (, Mr. Amadis Ma. Guerrero of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Mr. Angelo Gaspar Garcia of the Manila Bulletin, Ms. Lindy E. Pelicer (also writing for the Business Mirror) and Mike Potenciano (International race/rally driver, motorsport organizer, radio & TV host/producer and editor of Speed Magazine). 
Joining us was event organizer Mr. Pete Dacuycuy (with son PJ), Ms. Issa Dimacali (Asia Grand View Hotel) and Ms. Cheena Liao Pe (PR and Events Officer of SkyJet Airlines). 
The more than ample leg room

Cabin Crew- Ms. Jeany Bautista and Ms. Jeanie de Luna
As part of our ticket, SkyJet included free baggage allowances - 10 kgs.  of checked in luggage and 5 kgs. for hand-carry luggage. Their cabin crew, Ms. Jeany Bautista and Ms. Jeanie de Luna, were very kind and accommodating as they served our snacks and beverages.  

Our uneventful, 30-min.short-haul flight, expertly piloted by Capt. John Jatico (assisted by Capt. Marvin Abadiano and Capt.Francis Anagaran), went on smoothly and we eventually arrived in Coron. 
Capt. Marvin Abadiano, Capt. John Jatico and Capt.Francis Anagaran
Boracay - the country's No. 1 tourist destination
Our aircraft, widely used in London City Airport (which has a short runway and steep approach) due to its S.T.O.L. (Short Take-Off and Landing) main feature, is perfect and ideal for small island airports such as Francisco Reyes Airport in Coron, with its short runway which bigger jet aircraft cannot land on.  It also works well with undeveloped and unpaved runways. 

It was just as if I was flying with an Airbus or Boeing plane, with its interior also similar to these jet aircraft.  They didn’t want to sacrifice the comfort and convenience of passengers that’s why all the seats that they offered were Business Class or VIP seats. In fact, I found their seats to be quite comfortable, with plenty of leg room , even for my  5’-10” (177 cm.) frame.  Due to the very low level of operational  noise of its four Avco Lycoming ALF 502 turbofan engines, the aircraft has become renowned for its very quiet operation.  In fact, it has been marketed under the name "Whisperjet."

Skyjet Airlines: Manila Domestic Airport, Parking A, Terminal 4, NAIA Complex, Brgy. 191, Pasay City, Metro Manila. Tel: (02) 863-1333 and (02) 823-3366. E-mail: Website:

Skyjet Airlines has 4 times weekly (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays an Sundays, 10:30 AM), 30-min. flights from Manila (NAIA Terminal 4) to Coron (Francisco Reyes Airport) and 4 times weekly (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays an Sundays, 5:30 AM), 1 hour and 15 min. flights from Manila to Basco Airport.


  1. Here is my experience with flying SKYJET from Boracay on 8 March 2016.

    Try to make a web booking - FAIL
    (cannot if departing within 2 days)

    Ring to try make phone booking - FAIL
    (will not accept Payment over the phone)

    Ask to hold booking - FAIL
    (cancelled booking after agreeing would be OK to pay at terminal)

    Book ticket at terminal - FAIL
    (they now charge "go show" price, which is 2x more expensive)

    Try to speak to manager - FAIL
    (only airport ground staff, no airline staff)

    Make payment with credit card - FAIL
    (Sorry cash only)

    Flight depart on time? - FAIL
    (flight delayed)

    Everything was bad about my experience with this airline. I have rather low expectations and they still failed miserably. the only good thing is, the plane is still flying (at the moment)

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