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15th Grand Wine Experience (Manila Marriott Hotel, Pasay City)

Bouchard Pere & Fils Bourgogne Chardonnay La Vignee
(photo: Wazzup Pilipinas) 
Wine-making is a period of romance between disparate elements such as the sun, rain, wind, earth and man whose confluence can, under just the right conditions, produces poetry in a bottle we call wine. 

Ancient cultures and societies has usually ascribed divine properties to wine and have venerated deities and historical figures connected to wine.  

Jesus Christ’ first miracle at Cana involved wine and, during the Last Supper, wine signified and represented His blood. In the afterlife, Norse mythology also promised endless drinking.
An array of wines, beers and spirits from different countries (photo: Wazzup Pilipinas)

Jansz Premium NV Cuvee (photo: Wazzup Pilipinas)
Since its inception at the turn of the 20th century, the Grand Wine Experience has raised its glasses to the magic of wine-making, transforming itself from a humble gathering of wine enthusiasts into a very exclusive group featuring its already staggering and still growing line-up of over 500 wines and spirits.  

It has also become the longest running wines and spirits event in the country and the only event where all the major wines, spirits and beer brands are best represented. 
Ronald Lim Joseph (director, Philippine Wine Merchants), Robert Lim Joseph (chairman, Philippine Wine Merchants), Bruce Winton (Gen. Manager - Marriott Hotel), Ralph Lim Joseph (president, Philippine Wine Merchants) and Raymond Lim Joseph (director, Philippine Wine Merchants)

Gran Feudo Moscatel (photo: Wazzup Pilipinas)
Founded by the four Joseph brothers (Ralph, Robert, Ronnie, and Raymond) of Philippine Wine Merchants, the Grand Wine Experience is widely regarded as the “biggest, most spectacular, most lavish and most anticipated wine and spirits event of any kind in Southeast Asia” and it is the only event of its kind where food is served from start to finish. 

Through the years, the event became bigger and bigger, with all the players in the wines and spirits industry as well as bon vivants, celebrities, dignitaries, top executives and members of high society, looking forward to participate in this monumental annual pilgrimage.

Manila Marriott Hotel

Montes Alpha Malbec (photo: Wazzup Pilipinas)
Aside from hitting the 15th milestone year of the event, they are also celebrating the 40th anniversary of Philippine Wine Merchants, the company behind it, which was founded in 1975. 

To cater to an exponentially larger audience, this year also marks their move to the significantly more spacious and new, 8,000 sq. m. Marriott Grand Ballroom, the Philippines’ largest ballroom, which was just inaugurated last July 1 of this year and is double the capacity of the previous Marriott grand ballroom.
Manila Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom

Espresso Parfait
The 15th Grand Wine Experience is to be held on November 13, 2015, Friday, 5 PM – 2 AM (November 14) and this year’s theme is “vintage.” 

With a ticket price of PhP5,000, you can drink-all-you-can from their featured selection of more than 500 wines, beers and spirits from over 23 different countries and feast on sumptuous eat-all-you-can buffet selection. 

With improvements in every facet of the guest experience, from the buffet selection to the quality of the entertainment, with a greater number of wines and spirits to choose from compared to year’s past, this year’s edition of The Grand Wine Experience aims to shatter and surpass all expectations, ultimately giving guests more value for their money while having the best time of your life.

Grilled Rib-Eye

Lobster Gazpacho
During a press launch held at the Hub of Marriott Hotel, members of media were given a taste of this food and wine experience.  

We were served a menu that consisted of an appetizer of Lobster Gazpacho (chilled vegetable soup with chopped lobster)served with Jansz Premium NV Cuvee (a champagne blend from Tasmania, Australia with 53% Chardonnay and 47% Pinot Noi); creamy Porcini Mushroom Soup served with Bouchard Pere & Fils Bourgogne Chardonnay La Vignee (a very crisp, delicious white Burgundy with charming fruitiness); the main course of Grilled Rib-Eye  (with potato fondant, wild mushroom jus and organic vegetables) served with Montes Alpha Malbec (a red-colored, intense, almost black-looking wine from Chile with elegant flavors of plum and blackberry) and dessert of delicious Espresso Parfait (with the strong, rich flavor of espresso) served with Gran Feudo Moscatel (a sweet wine from Navarra, Spain with an elegant aftertaste).
The event is presented by Philippine Wine Merchants and Ralphs Wines and Spirits and co-presented by Rustans Supermarket, Starbucks Coffee, Store Specialist Inc., Marriott Hotel Manila, Resorts World Manila, Future Trade International, Diageo Philippines, Moet-Hennessy Philippines, Premier Wine and Spirits, Barcino Corporation, Fly Ace Corporation, Bel Mondo Italia, Corp., Emperador Distillers, Aviver International, Best World Beverage Brands, Golden Wines, Grand Cru and Booze On Line.
For tickets, contact Mr. Jorge Joseph at landline no. (+632) 975-7298,  mobile number (0917) 853-7501 or email him at

Manila Marriott Hotel: No 10 Newport Blvd., Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Manila, 1309.  Tel: (632) 988 9999.
Philippine Wine Merchants: 2253 Aurora Blvd. (Tramo), Pasay City, Metro Manila, 1300. Tel: (632) 853-9894 and (632) 832-2523. Fax: (632) 831-7951. Mobile number: (0917) 853-7501.

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