Thursday, 28 March 2013

Restaurant Review: Cafe St. Joe (Sagada, Mountain Province)

Cafe St. Joe

Sweet and sour pork
The 2-storey Cafe St. Joe, just within the compound of the Episcopalian-owned St. Joseph Resthouse, the largest guesthouse in scenic Sagada (it has 27 rooms and cottages), is a popular hangout for both local and foreign tourists and is a short walk from the jeepney terminal. 
Probably one of the biggest restaurants in the town, the place is usually packed with tourists.  Open all day, the cafe is set within a beautiful garden and, being located on a hill, also has great views of the town.  It also has a lovely second floor verandah, and outdoor seating.  Their extensive menu features generally good Filipino dishes with generous servings of fresh vegetables.  Their delicious, sweet and savory bread, baked by the local French chef, can be bought by the loaf. 

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Lemon Chicken

Cafe St. Joe: St. Joseph Resthouse, Sagada, Mountain Province.  Mobile number: (0928) 951-7156 (Ms. Julia Abad).

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