Thursday, 28 March 2013

Restaurant Review: Tchayapan Restaurant (Bontoc, Mountain Province)

Tchayapan Inn & Restaurant
Tchayapan Restaurant near the Bontoc municipal hall, is said to be the town's biggest and best restaurant.  

The restaurant's signature best seller is Tchayapan Rice, Bontoc's version of lechon kawali
It is served with buttered fresh and crunchy vegetables on the side. The Tchayapan Beef Rice also has the same sidings.  Both cost PhP80.   
For the same price, they also offer beef ampalaya rice, chicken rice, sweet and sour pork rice, sweet and sour pork/fish, pinapaitan, beef/pork steak, cheese burgers, pancit canton/bihon and chopsuey. Chopsuey rice costs PhP70.  
They also offer chicken spaghetti (PhP100), spaghetti (PhP40), sandwiches (ham and egg, ham and cheese, tuna, PhP35; cheese, egg, PhP30)
Tchayapan Rice
Tchayapan Beef Rice

Another of their local delicacies is the pinikpikan. Here, the chicken is bloodlessly killed by slowly pummeling its body with a stick or reed so that the blood remains inside. 

After the feathers are singed off in an open fire, the chicken is then chopped and boiled with dried salted pork called etag and simmered with vegetables.  
Tchayapan also offers budget travelers 7 single/double rooms (PhP150/head)with common bath (2 male and 2 female) and 4 double bedrooms with private bath and TV (PhP300-800). 
Tchayapan Inn & Restaurant: Bontoc, Ifugao.  Mobile number: (0929) 683-9607 (Ms. Florence N. Taguiba).  Restaurant open daily, 8 AM-8 PM.

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