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Resort Feature: Campuestohan Highland Resort (Talisay City, Negros Occidental)

Campuestuhan Highland Resort

The Log Cabin
The 5-hectare Campuestohan Highland Resort, sitting in the boundary of two fast-growing cities and located near the towering peaks of Mt. Mandalagan and Mt. Patag, is known for its cool and refreshing atmosphere and is the perfect summer getaway for those seeking refuge from the blistering heat of towns and cities below it. 

Founded and established by businessman Ricardo “Cano” Tan just a couple of years ago, it was initially designed to be a retirement haven for Cano, his wife Nita and his family whenever they wanted to seek shelter from the hustle and bustle of city life. Later, Cano decided to open the place to the public in order for them to also avail of the cool atmosphere that they were enjoying.
Captain America

Initially, the resort only had the swimming pool and a main log cabin which resembles those usually found in Canadian and American mountains.  Later, as the resort became more popular, other structures and attractions were added.

The resort offer visitors,  in various strategic locations within the compound, a chance to have their photos taken with cool life-size statues of movie icons such as the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park; alien cyborgs (Predator); Marvel super heroes such Superman, Spiderman and Captain America; basketball star Michael Jordan; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; Elvis Presley and many more.
King Kong

Jurrasic Park
Another new attraction is the life-size statue of the giant gorilla, KingKong, sitting atop what looks like a huge rock, visible even from the entrance gate of the resort.  

The statue also has a spacious room inside, with bed and table, which guests may use if they so wish. 

It also suddenly gives out, via a sound system, a deep, loud and throaty growl.  Around the statue are several damaged replicas of aircraft such as a Huey helicopter and a United States Air Force jet fighter, destroyed by the giant gorilla while evading his captors.

Zip Line

The Rope Course
The resort’s 340-m. long zipline, rising 60 ft. above the ground, offers one the chance of viewing the entire expanse of the resort as one zips through its cableat more than 50 kms. per hour, from east to west in only under a minute. To try out the zipline, wearing sports shoes is required.
The Rope Course, another great feature, challenges guests to complete the course without falling off a series of planks, tires, ropes, etc. elevated  10 ft. from the ground. 

If one slips and falls, a harness will safely catch you. Just like the zipline, sports shoes are required if one wants to try out the rope course.   Horseback riding is also offered (PhP150 for 15 mins.), around a safe course, with free lessons in mounting and reining. Sports shoes are also required if one wants to go horseback riding.

The Hanging Bridge

Horseback Riding Field
The resort’s new 100 m. long hanging bridge, on suspension cables, offers a spectacular view of Bacolod City, Talisay City, Silay City and even, on clear days, the coastlines of western Negros and the far-off islands of Guimaras and Iloilo. 

On its eastern side, you will enjoy the lovely mountain ranges of Mt. Patag and Mandalagan. The hanging bridge's sides are lined with 4-ft. high trusses made of huge crisscrossed ropes designed to prevent one from going off the bridge.

The resort's pavilion

Bonita Huts
The resort's very cozy 2-storey pavilion has a restaurant, offering a wide array of seafood and native delicacies at very reasonable pricesthat can seat nearly 200 guests and and  function rooms, on the second floor, that can be used to hold private events or big celebrations such as weddings and events held by business establishments. 

There are two swimming pools within the resort compound.  The old pool is located at the western section of the resort, near the hanging bridge.  The new footprint-shaped swimming pool, situated near the giant King Kong statue, has a 4-ft. deep adult pool at the sole while the 5 toes act as the kiddie pool, with depths of 2 to 3.5 feet of water.  Beside this pool is a  new 2-storey shoe-shaped house which has accommodations for guests at the upper floor and a shower room and toilet at the lower floor. 

Swimming pools and the Shoe House

The children's playground
Campuestohan Highland Resort also has a newly-constructed coffee shop offering hot or cold drinks (aromatic brewed coffee, cool and refreshing melon shakes, etc.), children's playground and, during the Christmas holiday season, Santa Claus and some of his reindeer that serves as the resort's center of attraction.  

The very colorful and safe Dumbo mini-train is another new attraction for both the kids and kids-at-heart (PhP20 per passenger for a 5-min. ride). Bonita Huts, a series of detached overnight accommodations, are designed to resemble the abodes of Hobbits of the Kingdoms of Middle Earth (featured in the Lord of the Rings series). 
Campuestohan Highland Resort: Sitio Campuestohan, Brgy. Cabatangan, 6100 Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Entrance fee is 150/head inclusive of pool fee. Tel: (034) 702-0964. Mobile numbers: (915) 211-1406 and (0917) 300-5007.  Website:
How to Get There:  The 1-hr. Brgy. Alangilan route, from Bacolod City, is better than the Brgy. Concepcion, Talisay City route. 

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